Samantha L. Snide-Graser, LMT


"Samantha Snide is extremely knowledgeable of the structure of the body, pair that with amazing intuition and you get an EXCELLENT Massage Therapist!  Samantha provides a safe, healthy and serene location that you will immediately feel comfortable in.  Samantha comes highly recommended by this Massage Therapist."

Lori Jean Chute, LMT

Pacific Coast Massage Therapy (2/1/2013)


I have some painful muscular issues due to a significant Scoliosis.  Deep tissue massage is the only thing that helps.  I found Samantha Snide through the Wellness Center in Springfield.  Her bodywork has provided me with pain relief and better flexibility.  Sam is enjoyable to talk with and sensitive to my pain threshold when she is giving a massage.  She also finds all of the knots!  I recommend her highly!

Margery C.

Springfield, VT (2/13/2012)


"Being pregnant is very hard on your body, having a prenatal massage with Samantha alleviates some of the aches and pains. If I had known how much better I would feel after the massage I would not have waited so long to have one done." - Emily Owens (9/6/2010)

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